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Project Description
The purpose for tool is to provide a nice intuitive open-source solution for Windows MediaCenter(tm) to collect and categorize all types of media.

Some basic plans for this project are:
  • Modular design, for extensibility and user control of features
  • Designed to take advantage of freely availble APIs and services

While there are some tools out in the universe that do some of the things I intend this project to do, none of them are of "Production Quality" nor are they usable by a broad audience. I intend this to be. One of the primary reasons for putting this project in open-source is to take advantage of some of the creativity that exists on the internet.

So, you can help on this project if you have any of the follwing skills:
  • C# coding
  • Silverlight coding and design
  • Database knowledge


If you wish to add to the project, apply to be a contributor and I can get you started, and a login to the private bug tracker. Send me an email via Codeplex and I will help you get started. Any contributors that I dont hear from within 2 weeks of getting approved will be removed.

Special Thanks
I'd like to thank the folks that make NHProf! They provided me with a free copy of their tool for profiling NHibernate programs! Its an excellent tool, and I highly recomend it if you do NHibernate programming.

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