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New Developer/Contributor Thread

Oct 15, 2012 at 6:04 PM

If you are new to the project and struggling with something to work on, here are some of the areas available:

1. Plugins/Providers - As of 10/15 I have a few nearly complete for examples, take a look at the documentation and the TMDB Provider.  This is a nearly done provider.  There are quite a few that could be worked on currently in the build, also if you know of another source of data for metadata on TV, Movies, Music, etc, work on that!

2. Installation Mechinisms -

  • Application Install - Using WIX for this, and there is a stub in the build, this needs to be completed obviously
  • Plugin Install - Currently this works via Plugin.Installer.  This needs to be expanded to be able to check for updates and install them based on a config setting (i.e. the user can select if updates should be autoinstalled, they should be notified, or if they should be ignored)
  • Application Update - Would like the application to be able to check the internet for an update and install it based on the config setting.

3. Some of the other projects stubbed in the main project -

  • Windows Client
  • Phone Client
  • Media Center Client
  • (Another HTPC Product if you are passionate and use it)

4. Documentation - Ive documented some things, but maybe only 10% of the source :-(.  Ill try and get caught up as time goes on, but if you want feel free to add docs