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Plugin Installation packaging is handled by BuildPluginInstall

This will generate a zip file with all the required files for a plugin inside it, and create an Installer.XML file that defines the parameters for the plugin.

The parameters for BuildPluginInstall are as follows:
a|f|m|o|u|v - Defines if it is a: a=audio, f=file plugin, m=maint or maintenance plugin, o=optimization plugin, u=UI Plugin, v=video
p - Package output nmae
d - The main DLL which has a decendent of PluginBase in it
i - An included file
t - IdType
r - Update URL

For an example of this in use, each provider has the plugin package built during the build process. From FileNameProvider (Post-build Event Command Line):

$(SolutionDir)Utilities\BuildPluginInstall\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\BuildPluginInstall -d $(TargetDir)\$(TargetFileName) -i $(TargetDir)\MovieTitles.dat -p $(TargetDir)\$(ProjectName).zip -f -t file

$(SolutionDir)Utilities\BuildPluginInstall\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\BuildPluginInstall" - Output from the building of BuildPluginInstall

-d "$(TargetDir)\$(TargetFileName)" - Sets the name to the name of the project

-i "$(TargetDir)\MovieTitles.dat" - Include this file

-f - Its a file provider

-t ObjectID type is a Filename

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