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MediaSage - What is It?

I love Media Center. I've been using it for many years now. Unfortunately for me, the more I use it the farther it gets from what I personally want. I realize it wasn't written specifically for me, so that's why I decided to write MediaSage. What it will do is fairly simple:

Some of the objectives:
  • Collect metadata from various free services (Services like IMDB, The Movie DB, and The TV DB)
  • Present the data within media center in an easy to use, configurable way
    • Some users want to see lots of information about a movie, for example. They want to see the poster in the back ground, etc.
    • Some users would rather just see a collapsable menu with the movies or TV shows inside of them
  • Collect TV data, and present the shows by show name, season, and episode.

The plan for the MediaSage system is as follows:
  • A Library that encapsulates all of the internal and external communications (Database calls, handling of metadata, etc)
  • A service that will periodically scan user-set file systems for media, and then poll metadata providers to get the information and enter the media into the MedaSage system for usage in the application
  • A Media Center application to find and watch/listen to your media quickly and the way you like
  • Front ends for other popular HTPC applications (Modularity allows for this)
  • A stand alone application for manually adding, editing or removing media from your media library
  • Windows phone application for viewing your collection and resizing and downloading programs/movies to your mobile device

One of the guiding principals will be moving a lot of the application to external DLLs, so that people can extend it how they want and wish. For example, the initial 1.0 release will poll IMDB, TMDB, and The TVDB, but a user may want to add a metadata provider for XYZDB. The same will hold true for the Media Center application, we intend on making it easy for users to modify to make it suit their needs.

Finally we are going to have sandcastle docs for everything we use, both internal and external libraries to make it easy for users to extend.

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